Free mental health training for college-age adults starting Sunday

Pictured: Excerpt from "Get Out Of Your Mind & Into Your Life," the workbook used at these training sessions.

MARQUETTE — Mental health is a major discussion topic in society, and one group is offering free mental health training to college-age adults.



Starting Sunday, April 1st, young adults are invited to attend training workshops called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at First Presbyterian Church. This non-religious training is meant to give attendees the tools to view stressful events and situations in a different way and change their relationship with these events.

Jennifer Cammarata, the leader of these sessions, said that the training is open to everyone, no matter what personal issues they want to discuss. She also said the sessions will be a judgment-free zone.

“Mental or inner struggles, oftentimes, we’re embarrassed to share as a society. If I had a broken bone, or if I just broke up with someone, I could talk about that, but things that go on inside are often embarrassing, and this should not be the case. It’s the same pain, or maybe a different kind of pain, but nevertheless, very real,” said Cammarata, who is also the director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church. “That stigma of mental illness won’t exist here at the ACT training.”

There is no cost to attend the training, and each attendee will be given a workbook for free. Although the training is based off of the workbook, attendance at every session is not required.

Sessions will be held every Sunday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church on Front Street in Marquette.

If you are interested in these sessions, but are older or younger than college-age, or want more information about ACT training, contact Cammarata at