Local veterans honored in Iron Mountain

IRON MOUNTAIN — The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain is focusing on a specific group of heroes in honor of National Vietnam Veterans Day, which is March 29th.

There are over 7 million living Vietnam Veterans in the United States today. 22 of those Vietnam Veterans are in-patients at the VA Hospital in the Community Living Center.

The Vietnam Veterans will be presented with a Lapel Pin today to recognize, thank and honor veterans who served in the Vietnam war.

“When they signed up to serve they signed a blank check up to life itself to serve our country to protect our freedoms. Sometimes we take a lot of those freedoms for granted in our country. We’ve been very blessed in our country, but a lot of that is thanks to those veterans and current active duty members that served to protect our freedoms and our way of life,” said Brad Nelson, Public Affairs officer of the VA Hospital.

They recognized veterans today with a small ceremony with food and light refreshments.