Dancing with our Stars is back

MARQUETTE — Dancing with our stars Marquette County Style is back for its 6th year.

Fans of the U.P. will be treated to another year of opening night, the benefits of opening night include getting to see the performance before everyone else, being able to cast your vote before the finale. Plus more.

“For tickets for opening night call 906- 225-4545, we have tickets available in sections one, two and three. Prices are $45, $35 and $25 respectfully,” said Lindsay Hemmila, Event Coordinator for Dancing with our Stars Marquette County Style.

Dancing with Our Stars Marquette County Style’s opening night will take place on May 23rd,  at 7 P.M. at the Forest Roberts theatre. 100% of the proceeds go to support Hospice patients and their families in our community.

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