IRON RIVER, MI — Aspirus hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today to show its new facility off to the community.



But what makes this facility special is the unity it brings to all of the clinics and the public.

“This facility is remarkable in a couple of different aspects. One is that it allows us to consolidate a number of clinics that were remotely located throughout the community. So we are bringing them all under one roof. All inclusive of specialists as well as primary care physicians,” said, Aspirus Regional CEO, Chuck Nelson.

Not only is this going to help make the facility more effective, but this will also help the community receive all of the services they deserve.

“This is something that is going to make health care easier for patients to access in terms of its convenience. There is radiology lab, physical rehab here. We will have the best healthcare for this community and I think this is really a journey that lead up to this legacy. And to see this come to reality is really just amazing,” said, Aspirus Iron River Hospital CEO, Connie Koutouzos.

Aspirus’s new facility is now up and running and will be open to the public, March 19th.