Peters’s bill would help boost economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump met this week with Michigan Senator Gary Peters about a potential trade bill. The bipartisan bill will help enforce trade laws for small and medium-sized businesses that are undercut by unfair dumping practices.

Currently, the Commerce Department has the authority to investigate dumping, but rarely do, unless a bigger company decides to form a complaint.

“I also believe that we need to deal with small companies and agricultural producers that may not have the lawyers or the resources to bring a trade case like the steel industry can, but nevertheless are impacted in a major way and it costs us American jobs,” said Peters.

The bill is off to a good start. During the meeting, President Trump showed his support for the bill.

“Now with the President’s support, I’m hoping we can get this passes as quickly as possible. And we need to, because we need to have a level playing field,” said Peters. “American workers can out-compete anyone in the world; we just have to make sure the rules are fair. This would require the Department of Commerce to take action against those countries that are violating trade rules.”

The bill would bring many jobs back to the state of Michigan.