Appetizer from The Vierling appears on Food Network’s “50 States of Dips” list

MARQUETTE — The Vierling is pleased to confirm that they have been featured by the Food Network’s list called “50 States of Dips.”



The featured dip is the restaurant’s Smoked Whitefish Dip, which comes with smoked whitefish, cream cheese caper spread, apples, crackers and dill toast. Owner Terry Doyle said the selection allows for diners to customize the flavor of the popular appetizer.

The list named one dip for each state that reflects the identity of the area and the local history behind it.

“They’ve been smoking whitefish forever, especially Lake Superior whitefish. I mean, you can’t get any better than that. They used it to preserve the fish many years back,” said Doyle. “We’ve been it for 20 years now and we’ve been serving Lake Superior whitefish for 30 years now, so we’re got a good reputation for whitefish.”

Doyle also said that the restaurant goes through about 40 pounds of the smoked whitefish per week, especially during the summer. If you’re looking to stop in and try the Smoked Whitefish Dip, Doyle recommends trying it alongside The Vierling’s own Red Ale, a malty, English-style brew.

To see the entire “50 States of Dips” list, click HERE. The Vierling is located at 119 S. Front Street in Marquette. For more information and hours, click HERE.