IRON MOUNTAIN — With the recent tax reform, plenty of businesses got a big tax cut. That included Upper Peninsula–based U.S. Special Delivery, who got a little bit more spending money for the year, thanks to that tax cut.

“That was a major reason we were able to do this,” said U.S. Special Delivery President Terry Reed. “It provided the funds and the savings on taxes for us to be able to do something special, and we agreed it would be a great way to thank our employees for their dedication and hard work.”

Since 1975, U.S. Special Delivery has been a major asset in the freight business in the Upper Peninsula and surrounding Great Lakes States. Every day, they send out over 25 drivers from each of their six terminals. For many of those employees, the bonus was a godsend. A shortage of drivers caused overtime work, and the extra money was much needed.

“There was a theme that I heard, and that was that this couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether it was for college tuition, or an unexpected bill, or just something they wanted to buy but wasn’t in their budget. So that was really gratifying to hear,” said Reed.

During a time when employment is short, the winter is cold, and not much is going on, any company could use a little pick–me–up. That bonus did just that.

“It created a lot of excitement,” said Reed. “I think all of our employees were surprised. Pleasantly surprised. We saw a lot of happy faces.”