IRON MOUNTAIN — The power of pink always reaches new heights during the month of October, which is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show their support in fighting the disease, a vehicle at the Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post looks a little different.

That’s because of the new temporary pink state police decals that are located on each side of the vehicle. Edwards Automotive asked the department to put the decals on as a way of showing support for breast cancer and the state police post said yes.

The pink logos have been on the cruiser since October 1st. It was parked out in front of the post today for drivers and passengers to view as they traveled in and out of Iron Mountain.

“Edwards Chevrolet they purchased the decals that you see there. You know what- it was just an amazing event, not only raising funds but raising awareness for breast cancer,” said Tpr. Geno Basanese of the MSP Iron Mountain Post. “That’s the biggest thing right is to bring awareness to something someday hopefully we won’t have to talk about.”

The decals will remain on the vehicle for the entire month.