CALUMET — Calumet is a city with a long history of hardworking residents. It was once a company town where the citizens who lived there were not just employed, but also governed by the mine that owned it.

As the mines began to close, the unemployment rate began to rise. And one local company emerged, offering employment to some of the good townsfolk, and presenting an answer to the question… what do we do with all this copper?

Here in Calumet, we print circuit boards with it. This is Calumet Electronics, and you and I have both used their products.

These things are at the center of many of our modern day systems. Things like aircraft, computerized coke machines, wind turbines; these circuit boards are printed right here in the Keewenaw, and the manufacturer is expanding. This means more jobs for the community.

“Here at Calumet we care a lot about the quality of our boards when our boards are going into things like airplanes and medical devices. We need to make sure that they have the highest reliability and quality that we can possibly put out,” said Elliot Naggler, a process engineer.

The company currently employs over 200 people, says it has hired 30 new employees in the last month and is seeking an additional 30-40 to start immediately.

“The focus of this organization was originally to create jobs, to keep jobs in this area as people were migrating away. That continues to be our mission today. We’re going strong, we’re creating more jobs. Business at Calumet Electronics has been really good, we have a lot of customers lined up to buy the circuit boards that we make here. We have full time work, with overtime. We have paid holidays and other benefits as well. So anybody that’s looking to put in a good day’s honest work with a company that’s growing,Calumet Electronics is just an excellent choice,” said Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Todd Brassard.

For more information on open positions or about the company, visit Calumet Electronics’ website.