MARQUETTE — The 12th annual UNITED Conference is coming to Northern Michigan University next week. UNITED, which stands for Uniting Neighbors in the Experience of Diversity, is taking over NMU on Monday and Tuesday next week.

The conference, which is aimed at educating people on diversity and inclusion, is chalked full of on-campus and off-campus presenters. From Chinese culture and poetry in other languages to discussions about disabilities and sexual orientation, the conference has a well-rounded set of experts.

“The whole point of UNITED is to look at diversity through the broadest scope that’s possible out there because diversity is about everything. This is a time of celebration. We are all different. We are all diverse people. You are just as similar and as different from the person standing next to you. We’re trying to break down a lot of those barriers,” said Associate Director the Multicultural Education and Resource Center Shirley Brozzo.

This year, the main speakers are both transgendered. Monday night’s speaker is NMU alumnus Chris Mosier, the first openly transsexual man to make a US national team. Tuesday night’s talent is Alison Grillo, a comedienne who speaks on her past and current life as a transgender woman.

For a full list of presenters, click HERE.