HARVEY — In order to accommodate more of our furry friends, one local veterinary hospital is undergoing construction.

The Bayshore Veterinary Hospital is adding a large addition to the back of the big blue house. Work on the expansion began back in July and is aiming to be finished March of next year. The extra space at Bayshore Veterinary Hospital will offer more surgical ability and more room for animals to stay.

“We just have such a volume of animals coming through on a daily basis. We need more room for them to be able to stay here while we treat them and hopefully we will get more doctors in too. We definitely need more staffing, it’s just one of those common things when you get going you need more people around, and we just need to account for that. It’s just too cramped where we are at right now and we want to offer as best service as we can,” Veterinarian Tim Hunt said. “We’re going to triple our square foot here, we’ve just run out of space and it was either move or stay here. This lot is awful nice; people are use to us being here, it’s a nice cozy place and this house is just cool.”

The house was built in 1857, plans are to return the house to as close as what it was back then, with the hospital in the addition.

Hunt said the people and animals should enjoy the new set up which offers much more room.

Bayshore is a full service hospital and has been open since 1993. The clinic will remain open throughout the course of construction.