MARQUETTE — With summer over and the school year underway, that means beach season is also at a close.

Labor Day weekend was the cut off for lifeguards on duty throughout all city beaches. All beaches are now unprotected but rescue stations are still accessible at a few locations. Despite city beaches no longer having active lifeguards on duty, officials still see swimmers and surfers hitting the lake.

Other than colder temperatures, the fall season can also bring larger waves to the area.

“There are currents, the waves get bigger and it’s cold, hypothermia is always an issue. If they are going to swim, we would suggest that they swim with a buddy, use the buddy system. Don’t swim alone, make sure the conditions are favorable, the lakes calm and the weather is good,” said Marquette City Fire Department Fire Inspector, Tom Dunleavy.

Tourists visiting the area often head to Lake Superior to get a glimpse but are urged to use caution if deciding to take a swim during this time of year. An EMILY rescue device will remain accessible until the end of October at Little Presque Isle Point.

The public is able to access this remote controlled rescue device by contacting 911 in case of an emergency.