NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — The month of September is here and according to the meteorological calendar, the season of fall is upon us. Besides pumpkin spice flavored everything, one thing Yoopers and visitors both enjoy is watching the trees turn their fall colors.

In Negaunee Township, some of the trees are beginning to turn red, yellow, and orange. National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Zika says it’s really not unusual to see the colors of the leaves change in late August or early September. A cooler than usual August plus the loss of daylight are both factors in the leaves changing. So, when can we expect to see the fall colors peak in the U.P.?

“Peak season is still fall in the ladder part of September and into the early part of October for most of the U.P., which is obviously well ahead of where we were last year by a couple of weeks, but not that for out of the ordinary or out of the norm from where we expect peak color to be,” said Zika.

As for the temperatures, Zika says things are looking up in that direction. The rest of September and early October are on track to be warmer than usual, thanks to quite a bit of warm air that exists across the country. If you have some great pictures of the fall colors, share them with us on the ABC Ten Facebook Page.