Sen. Peters talks plans for return to Washington D.C.

KINGSFORD — From meeting with veterans to touring manufacturing plants and airports, U.S. Senator Gary Peters spent the week traveling on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and talking with constituents of the Upper Peninsula.

Senator Peters started his #RideMI Tour Monday in Marquette at the Jacobetti Home for Veterans. The U.P. portion of the trip concluded yesterday with a tour of Ford Airport, learning about the challenges of a running a rural airport like the one in Kingsford.

Now, the senator will shift his focus back to Washington D.C., when congress reconvenes next month.

“We have to pass a budget. We have to make sure the government is funded,” said Sen. Peters. “I also work a great deal on national security issues. And I think that’s where we have to find common ground, bring democrats and republicans together on National Security.”

Peters is a member of the Armed Services Committee. The U.S. House and Senate will be back in session September 5th.

They will have to pass a budget by September 30th in order to avoid a government shutdown.