U.P Veteran of the Year honored at state fair

ESCANABA — Larry Dillman was named the 2017 Upper Peninsula veteran of the year and was honored today at the U.P state fair in Escanaba.

Dillman is a Vietnam War veteran and served in the Air Force for 24 years. He received his veteran of the year jacket and plaque in front of Governor Snyder, State representatives, and his family. They thanked Dillman for being a hero but he remained humbled by the award.

“I feel good. What I do, I don’t do for the accolades. I do it because it needs done. When they were talking up there, they said something about me being a hero. I’m no hero. But I walked beside a few,” said Upper Peninsula Veteran of the Year, Larry Dillman.

Governor Snyder said that Larry represents the Vietnam veterans who did not get the proper thanks when they returned home, and that now is the time to make up for that.