NEGAUNEE–Members of the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council (PAAC) are in the midst of looking to change how the Historic Vista Theater is currently being run by separating into two clear, distinct entities. On Monday night, a meeting was held to officially present a proposed plan.

PAAC was created in 1973 and called for a single group to be responsible for both theater operations and artistic productions, but some members have found this to be unsustainable. Members have tried to restructure the organization to work more cohesively, and this has ultimately led to a recent discussion to potentially break PAAC up into two entities. PAAC recently partnered with Grow & Lead: Community and Youth Development for guidance.

“They’re looking at separating the functions of productions – the actors and players and then having a dedicated group look at just really focusing on the building,” said Chad Mager of Grow & Lead: Community and Youth Development. “I think having those two separate duties is really going to help accomplish both goals in a greater way.”

Currently there’s no solid deadline for restructuring, but the organization’s members are excited about the many new possibilities, and plan on setting goals.