U.P. State Fair featuring new food, continuing old favorites

ESCANABA — Workers and vendors at the U.P. State fairgrounds are setting up and preparing for the upcoming, U.P. State Fair.

Kicking off on Monday, August 14th and running through the August 20th, this week long event will have a plethora of activities to participate in, food to eat, and entertainment to enjoy. This year will feature a variety of free entertainment options as well, which will include duck races and chainsaw carvings, just to name a few.

Favorite rides from previous years will be brought back once again, all of which are closely tested before use.

“Skerbeck Entertainment Group is obviously very cognizant of safety concerns. They are completely honest and certified every year through the governing body that does it. They follow guidelines through Michigan and Indiana, they have their staff that is looking over everything. They are inspected, they follow all safety protocols and they’re looking forward to a great year here,” said U.P. State Fair Management Agent, Sheila Krueger.

The beloved animal exhibits will be back again along with some new food options. Deep fried cupcakes and deep fried Twinkies with brisket on top are some of the new choices. Old favorites will also be available, such as Norm’s French Fries and Charlie’s Food wagon.

All the fun kicks off on Monday at 5 P.M.