Organization visits local library to teach about bats

HOUGHTON — The Portage Lake District Library hosted the Organization for Bat Conservation to explore the importance of bats both globally and locally.

A full crowd learned about all nine types of bats in Michigan and general characteristics shared by 1,300 types. Some of the younger viewers were even transformed into bats themselves. The conservation brought along four live critters for people to see, including a fruit bat, which is featured in the children’s book “Stellaluna.”

“Bats are such interesting creatures and they’re something that people have seen vaguely usually. They’re something that people have glanced at or that they’ve seen sort of a vague silhouette in the sky, but they’ve almost never seen one super closely,” said Education Specialist with the Organization for Bat Conservation Ian Ableson.

Ableson also discussed issues facing the bat community, including white nose syndrome, and taught them about bat houses. To learn more about the Organization for Bat Conservation or the bats themselves, visit their website here.