‘Family U’ comes to MTU

HOUGHTON — Future Huskies to alumni and everyone in between gathered at Michigan Tech for a new experience called, ‘Family U’.

The program is a partnership between Alumni Engagement and Summer Youth Programs. In addition to offering a fun-filled day of learning, it also gives alumni the opportunity to make new memories with their families on campus.

“It allows them to show their sense of pride to their grandkids or their nieces or nephews or children for the university, their pride that they have in Michigan Tech. It also allows them to introduce their students to what they remember, hold dear in their memories of our university and to introduce them to what is possible for them here,” said Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement Erin Thompson.

The families were challenged with a mechanical engineering activity. The groups were provided basic materials like paper, tape and plastic cups to create a fan blade to produce power. While father and daughter duo Brian and Lilly Boals crafted a successful blade, they also found a great vacation opportunity with Family U.

“Lilly earlier this year mentioned wanting to visit the area and we were kind of trying to think of a good time. Back in late June, I got an email from the Alumni group offering this opportunity and I said ‘hey, perfect, middle of the week, be able to see the campus and get a good tour,'” said Brian Boals, Class of 1993.

This is one of many events scheduled during this week’s Michigan Tech Alumni Reunion.