ONOTA TOWNSHIP– At approximately 3:00pm on Wednesday, the Alger County Sheriff’s office was dispatched to Whitefish Point Rd in Onota Township for a possible drowning victim.

Mr. Dennis D Kamento, age 73, was swimming at the beach off of Whitefish Point Rd at Laughing White Fish Point when he was pulled in by an undertow. Despite efforts of family and neighbors, Mr. Kamento ultimately drowned.

The US Coast Guard located the body approximately 50 yards off shore and were able to recover him. Mr. Kamento was lifted into the Coast Guard Helicopter and transported to UP Health Systems in Marquette. Mr. Kamento was pronounced dead during the transport.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn all beach goers to use extreme caution when swimming in Lake Superior when the wind and wave conditions are strong.