Fire department holds cookout for community

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Volunteer Fire Department opened their doors to the public Thursday afternoon to serve up a little bit of food and fun for the community they serve.

Beginning at four 4:30 p.m., the fire department began serving up hot dogs, chips, a pop or a water for free to anyone hungry, thirsty, or both. The Neighborhood Block Party also offered community members a chance to tour the fire hall, similar to the Historical Home’s tour they had last month that was very successful.

Fire Chief Ed Anderson said the party was a great way for the department to give back to the public for all of their support.

“When people call us it’s not under the best of circumstances,” said Anderson. “A lot of people just don’t realize the firefighters here in the City of Ishpeming are all volunteer. We haven’t had this neighborhood get together for the whole city in quite some time, so we just thought it would be a good time,” Anderson added.

The department’s fire trucks and equipment were also on display for kids young and old to checkout.