MUNISING — The Green Riders, a group of people cycling across the country to promote sustainable living, arrived in Munising Monday afternoon.

Nearly 50 riders started the journey from New York to Washington in late May to spread the message of sustainable lifestyles, local food sourcing, and waste reduction. The trip will last 82 days, biking anywhere between 50 and 70 miles a day and helping out cities along the way.

“The idea is to leave everyplace a little better than how we found it. So we’re planting little gardens, fruit trees, wild flowers for the bees, cleaning up trash and just randomly beautifying places that we go to and just trying to make the world a happier, healthier place,” said environmental activist, Rob Greenfield.

Riders come from all around the world to cycle and help spread the word about protecting the nation’s future.

“It’s such a beautiful area, they need to treasure it and need to really think about the future and how they can keep this beautiful area without exhausting resources. Just make it a more sustainable place to live,” said Green Rider, Harley Rossell.

The riders will spend two nights in Munising and will assist with trash cleanup in Bay Shore Park. They will also be giving a presentation to the public Tuesday at 6 P.M. They are being hosted at the Munising High School training field by the Alger County Action and the Munising Bay Trail Network.

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