Locals volunteer to clean-up illegal dumping sites

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — Illegal dumping has been a growing issue here in the U.P. in recent years. In an attempt to combat the problem, a collaboration of several local entities are coming together to clean up one of the troublesome areas next weekend.

Last year, an effort spearheaded by St. Francis Connection Center at KI Sawyer collected fifteen thousand pounds of trash from the area. And they’re back at it again this year with a heavier emphasis on community collaboration. Reverend Allen Mott from St. Francis says a slew of local organizations are pitching in to help cleanup illegal dumpsites scattered throughout the area this year. The Community Foundation of Marquette County is a main sponsor, donating twenty-five hundred dollars for this year’s cleanup efforts. Other contributors include Forsyth Township, Waste Management, Macasu Inc. and several more.

“There are so many people collaborating on the endeavor,” said Reverend Allen Mott. “It’s not just like, ‘Well, we’re doing this by ourselves.’ No, it’s drawing people in, it’s helping people see that there’s a need, but then welcoming them and allowing them to say, ‘Hey, I’m a part of this.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, the clean-up crews will be meeting at St. Francis at KI Sawyer on June 17 at 9am. They are requesting that you call and let them know you’ll be participating so they can ensure they have enough supplies. You can call Scott from Macasu Inc. at (906) 346-7911.