Locals remember WWI with cemetery tour

MARQUETTE — Thursday, World War I Veterans were honored at the 12th annual cemetery walk in Marquette. This year’s walk also marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

Members of the public were lead on tours to hear the compelling stories of local men and women who served at home and abroad, and to honor their unforgettable sacrifices. Before beginning, a local choir sang period music, and brought people back to 1917.

“We are going to lead the tour around the cemetery, and we will be visiting the graves of ten World War I veterans, nine men and one woman, and you’ll hear stories about their lives during the war and their lives after the war for those that did come home,” said Beth Gruber, Longyear Research Librarian.

Honor guard members were also present, and read the names of the fallen aloud as taps was played in the background. The turnout for the event was successful and the history center says they are proud to honor these brave men and women.