State Superintendent visits U.P. school district

MANISTIQUE–An official from the Michigan Department of Education made a trip up to the U.P. and took a tour of one school district up here.

State Superintendent Brian Whiston made a stop by Manistique area schools today.

Whiston first stopped by Emerald Elementary School, where he toured the building and visited multiple classrooms. After that Whiston headed to Manistique Middle and High School.

School officials said that it was a day to show off the unique teaching that was going on in the school.

“We’re very excited to have Superintendent Whiston here with us today especially since it’s teacher appreciation day, it couldn’t be a more fitting time for the visit,” said Manistique Area Schools Superintendent Maryann Boddy. “What a great day for our educators to show all the wonderful things they do in our building with our kids to teach them. It’s just a great visit, great day spent with Superintendant Whiston.”

Boddy also said that it was chance to discuss unique challenges that Manistique Area Schools, such as transporting students over a very large area. She said that is was good to meet with State Superintendent Whiston in person.