Will Kivela run for state senate?

MARQUETTE — State Representative John Kivela is back in the Upper Peninsula and is touring his district to talk with voters.

Today he visited Marquette to interact with constituents. Representative Kivela made his third stop on a tour of his district at the Peter White Public Library, where he spoke with a group of people to see what was on their minds.

Kivela said that the goal of event was to listen to people and learn what their concerns were. During the event, Kivela told the press that he has a few bills in the works down in Lansing.

“In the last few weeks we’ve introduced a couple of bills, 1 dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease which potentially affects our deer herd,” Representative Kivela said. “That bill passed the house last session I think unanimously, we look to get it all the way through this term”

Kivela also said he had another round of meth legislation. “We’re doing what I think is a piece of legislation that will have the most severe impact on that drug issue.”

When asked if he was considering a state senate run, Kivela said, “You might hear something soon.”