Acclaimed Journalist brings Washington D.C. to the U.P.

ESCANABA — One nationally acclaimed journalist and commentator for numerous TV media contributors, visited Bay College in Escanaba to discuss how the current events in Washington D.C. are impacting the Upper Peninsula.

Tom Rogan, a columnist for the National Review based in Washington D.C. came to the school to present topics such as the challenges millennials face, filtering fake news, and President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Rogan’s intention was to engage the audience by offering his perspective from Washington on how the future of Trump’s presidency will impact the U.P.

When deciphering between fake and reliable news, Rogan said that is up to the reader being credible when searching through outlets.

“Individuals have to be their own editors. They have to have personal responsibility in terms of reading different outlets and not just trusting one outlet. Going on Google news or Yahoo news and doing a search for a particular issue that they are interested in and trying to read around the subject,” said National Review Columnist, Tom Rogan.

This was Rogan’s first trip to the Upper Peninsula, his first impression was that people are very friendly and it’s a beautiful place.