‘Rokerthon 3’ takes over NMU

MARQUETTE — Around 1,000 students gathered at the Superior Dome Tuesday morning to take part in Rokerthon 3.

Northern Michigan University now officially holds the record for Worlds Largest game of freeze tag. Al Roker was pumping up the spirit all morning starting at 5 a.m.

“I think everybody is really excited, we’re all a little tired cause we all had to be up so early. But I’m pretty sure everybody is jazzed to be a part of it,” student volunteer Hannah Milkie said. “I guess the game can’t be over until everybody is completely frozen so that’ll be fun to watch at the end.”

Roker applauded NMU’s energy and participation.

“You in the crutches I’m very impressed, that’s a gutsy move, and you’re one of the its,” Roker said.

Locals filled the stands to take part in the Today Show and cheer students on. An official with Guinness World Records was in attendance as well.

Preparation for today and the Today Show broadcast gave various internship opportunities for NMU students.

“The people here that we have been working with the past couple days have been amazing. They’re professional, they’re really fun, and they’re really good at their job so it has been a pleasure,” Today Show Student Intern Jared Jacques said. “As a student, as an intern, as someone who loves Northern it’s just really exciting to be out here and actually see something like this occur while I’m here.”

“I’ve been watching the Today Show since I was a little tiny kid,” NMU student Maria Roell said. “So it’s pretty cool that he came out here to visit the U.P. which is actually pretty crazy that he is here.”

Before the game Roker highlighted rules and the importance of fun. Students did partake in a pre–tag stretch, the Cupid Shuffle.