Sen. Peters talks the future of U.S. healthcare

WASHINGTON D.C. — It’s back to the drawing board for now when it comes to the future of our nation’s healthcare.

Late Friday afternoon, President Trump called House Speaker Paul Ryan and told him to take the new healthcare bill off the floor. President Trump spent the weekend blaming everyone from Democrats to some people in his own party, The Freedom Caucus.

House Speaker Ryan says the Affordable Care Act will remain in place going forward. We spoke to Michigan Senator Gary Peters about the issue. He believes the only way healthcare will be reformed in this country is by Democrats and Republicans working together.

“So in my mind we have to be about taking what the Affordable Care Act does, which there are many good features to it and areas where it is weaker, we need to fix it,” said Sen. Peters. “This is about rolling up our sleeves. This is about working together in a bipartisan way to make sure we can expand the ability for people to have access to quality affordable health care.”

With the healthcare bill in limbo, President Trump and his administration will reportedly turn their attention toward tax reform.