Sadowski’s alleged victim testifies at his trial

MARQUETTE– The victim of an alleged Ishpeming kidnapper and torturer testified today after opening statements were made.

At the first day of Jason Sadowski’s trial, one of the alleged victims took the stand. The victim said they and another victim had gone to Sadowski’s Mixed Martial Arts studio to check it out and smoke marijuana.

While there, the victim said they took around four dollars from Sadowski’s wallet, which they later admitted to.

The victim said that Sadowski hit both of them, knocking objects off the wall, which caused the victim to have a seizure. The victim went on to testify they were forced into the basement, bound to support pillars, beaten, and burned.

During opening statements earlier in the day prosecution had made the same allegations.

Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese talked about the injuries the victims suffered, and how one victim was told they had to kill the other if they wanted to live.

Wiese said “The night goes on, they’re taped to the two posts in the basement, they’re smacked, they’re hit, they’re kicked, they’re burned.”

During the defense’s opening statement, Sadowski’s attorney, Tony Ruiz, said that story was a lie to cover for the victim, who had been drinking when they shouldn’t have been and stole around one–hundred and fifty dollars from the defendant.

He alleged that the injuries on the victims were from a “catfight” they had over the money.

“There were no signs of any of that,” said Ruiz. “Wait a minute… if those are the allegations, if those were the things that were said to happen, how come there are no medical evidence of them; and the reason why is because it didn’t happen.”

Sadowski’s trial will continue Wednesday in Marquette County Circuit Court