Weekend memorial run held ForCODY

MARQUETTE — On Saturday afternoon, Marquette Mountain was filled with a number skiers and snowboarders who were all there in the memory of their friend who died two years ago as a result of a snowboarding accident.

Cody Revord passed away on February 19th, 2015. On the night of his snowboarding accident, Cody was not wearing a helmet.

His family and friends gathered to remember the 17-year-old who loved doing every outdoor activity possible and to remind people that wearing a helmet on the slopes could possibly save your life.

“I think even in Cody’s case, he happened to be at a friend’s backyard that day. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Always wear that helmet,” said Troy Revord, Cody’s uncle.

“Cody was very spirited. Cody loved the hill. Cody would have been here today,” said Michelle Grunert, Cody’s aunt. “He was an avid snowboarder. He would be out here most weekends. He really enjoyed it and he was very good at it.”

Saturday’s event was the third annual Ride ForCODY event.