Police dept. looking for help to continue giving away bike helmets to kids

CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — The Chocolay Township Police Department gave away nearly 200 bike helmets to kids in the span of an hour at the Silver Creek Block Party last August. Officers at the station would like to continue giving away bike helmets and they’re asking the community to step-up and help them in order to do it.

Police Chief Scott Jennings says the department did receive a number of generous donations from non-profit organizations and local businesses in the past, but some of those financial contributions have dried up. Any donation made to the department would be put in the Community Awareness Fund to purchase new helmets for kids to keep them safe on their favorite two-wheel rides.

“We don’t have a lot of sidewalks around here. The kids are riding on the side of the roads, the road edges can be uneven, a car can frighten them or startles them and they wipe out, it’s a lot better to have a helmet and other protective gear so they don’t get hurt,” said Jennings.

The police department has given away almost 600 bike helmets in the last five years. If you’re interested in making a donation to the Community Awareness Fund, you can find that information by clicking “>HERE.