Former Senate Minority Leader running for Governor

MARQUETTE — “I have very little patience for poor management. I think that we deserve better as Michiganders.”

Gretchen Whitmer has put her job as a lawyer on hold. She plans on spending the next two years campaigning to become Michigan’s next governor.

Whitmer spent 14 years as a state representative and senator. She was voted Senate Minority Leader in 2010.

More than 100 packed a room at the Vierling Friday afternoon to talk with Whitmer and lend their support. One of her supporters is former state representative Stephen Adamini.

“This is a quality person- bright, hardworking, sensitive and caring. We need a little of that in Lansing,” said Adamini about Whitmer.

Whitmer took several questions from the crowd. One of them pertained to the state’s education system.
“Yoopers want to know that our schools are supported so our kids are ready to go when they graduate,” said Whitmer. “I think public schools are the backbone of the State of Michigan. For too long, our leaders have dis-invested and taken money out of our public schools. They have demoralized the workforce, all of the support staff, teachers and educators across the state. We need to treat them like professionals. We need to compensate them like professionals.”

Here in the U.P., the cost of energy and lack of high speed internet are two things that need to be addressed. She has spent the last week talking with constituents across the Upper Peninsula.

“That’s why I’m here. It’s engagement, understanding and ultimately building that platform is crucial,” said Whitmer. “Every voice that’s here I’m listening to and it matters.”