U.P. recovery center offering mental health first aid courses

NEGAUNEE — The Great Lakes Recovery Center is offering free mental health first aid classes, in hopes of teaching participants how to identify and offer help to a person experiencing a mental health related problem or crisis, until professional help arrives.

This course gives the appropriate training needed to reach out and provide support to anyone in this situation. Throughout this class, topics that are discussed include; assessing for risk of suicide or harm, listening non-judgmentally, giving reassurance and information, along with engaging appropriate professional help.

This course can be beneficial to anyone of any profession.

“It’s estimated that one in five people have a mental health issue that is not diagnosed. We want people to be aware of that, to help reduce the stigma, and just get the word out there,” said Great Lakes Recovery Center Foundation Coordinator, Amy Poirier.

This course was made possible through a grant from the Superior Health Foundation. For one class participant who works with the Superior Alliance for Independent Living, becoming educated on this subject can greatly help in the future.

“We work with a lot of people that would really benefit from receiving mental health first aid or just knowing how to interact with individuals who might possible need it, I think is a valuable skill to have,” said Class Participant, Maureen Sullivan.

These are courses are being offered in different parts of the Upper Peninsula. If you are interested in signing up for one, it is encouraged to contact the Great Lakes Recovery Center.