Black History Month celebrated with NMU department head

MARQUETTE– The first of a two part lecture series kicked off Thursday night at Northern Michigan University.

As a part of Black History Month, NMU’s Political Science Department head Carter Wilson lead a lecture on “The Myth of American Exceptionalism.” Students and faculty members gathered in Jamrich Hall as Wilson spoke out about social inequality and racial oppression, what progressive intellectual traditions led to improvements and reactionary tradition that supported it.

“So this period especially the 1830’s was the period of racism mainly because blacks lost political power during this period,” Wilson said. “This was a reactionary racist period, blacks were targeted. Some States they passed laws, Blacks can’t vote, and it was never laws like that before.”

Wilson spoke out about much more; including Calhoun and the reactionary definition of tyranny, also referencing today’s culture.

The second half of the series takes place February 23.