UPPER PENINSULA — A bill recently introduced by State Representative Beau LaFave is aiming to boost skilled trades training for high school students.

House Bill 4106 allows eleventh and twelve grade students to reach out to any local business of their choosing, to fulfill an internship that will give these students academic credit. This legislation is focused on getting students involved with skilled trades training at a younger age. These trades could include welding, construction, automotive repair, computer information technology, and much more.

Careers paths such as these are commonly hiring across the Upper Peninsula and this bill would allow students to explore all post graduation plans.

“I always believe that there should be two pathways out of high school. College prep, which is incredibly important for those who want to go to a university or to Bay College, but I also think there is a good portion of us who don’t necessarily want to go to college right after high school. So why don’t we have a second pathway out of high school that is career technical education training,” said 108th District State Representative, Beau LaFave

This bill would allow students to pursue both paid and unpaid opportunities while still receiving credit for either an internship or similar work experience. Under this bill, students would need to work a minimum of four hours per week for the same number of weeks it would take to earn credits in that specific school district. Students would not be allowed to work over ten hours each week.

The bill is now headed to the House’s Workforce and Talent Development Committee.