Watch the ‘I can’t keep quiet’ viral video

Have you heard the flash mob song going viral? These women are from different states, practiced the song together online, but never met until the day of the #WomensMarch. It was written by a Los Angeles singer-songwriter MILCK , whose real name is Connie Lim. The song was performed by a flash mob of women at the Women’s March on Washington, and is being heralded as the anthem of the movement.

Watch the video at, and learn more about the song at

These women are from different states and never met till today. They practiced this song online.

Posted by Alma Har'el on Saturday, January 21, 2017

According to MILCK’s website, “The #ICANTKEEPQUIET project is dedicated to celebrating our unique voices and identities, in an effort to break the cycles of oppression perpetuated by today’s media.”