U.P. bald eagle hit by car, rescued, rehabilitated, and gets new home at Michigan zoo

[Courtesy of Wings of Wonder & Scott/KenScott Photography]

EMPIRE, Mich. — An adult bald eagle was sent from Bruce’s Crossing in the Upper Peninsula and admitted to Wings of Wonder several months ago, a bird sanctuary downstate. The organization rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned raptors with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back into the wild. Wings of Wonder informed their Facebook followers this week that the bird will now enjoy life at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids.

Bruce was hit by a car and sustained severe spinal trauma. “X-Rays showed no fractures but the bird would not stand up for over a month. He stayed nestled in a thick bed of soft dried white pine needles at Wings of Wonder. I would deliver his food daily, sort of on a platter, which he would accept eagerly,” said the post.

Wings of Wonder says after a month Bruce started standing up for short periods of time and was soon able to perch. Once his legs and hips were strong enough, he was moved into our large 100 ft flight pen where he continued his rehabilitation and physical therapy. Bruce made remarkable improvements yet he was left with a bit of weakness with his right leg/foot. The weakness was enough to prevent his survival in the wild.

“With assistance from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, we were able to find a permanent home for Bruce at the John Ball Zoo. On Sunday afternoon, Dan and John drove up and we loaded Bruce into their super deluxe travel box. Bruce will be in quarantine for the next month and then will be introduced to his new lady friend. Bruce is now in good hands and it was a joy working with the great staff at the John Ball Zoo.” (Photos by Ken Scott/KenScottPhotograpy)

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Posted by Wings of Wonder on Monday, January 9, 2017