Local students compete in Poetry Out Loud

MARQUETTE– Members from the community gathered at one local high school on Wednesday, to witness a very passionate competition.

In the early afternoon, students competed in Poetry Out Loud, reciting two memorized poems. The annual event took place at Shirley Smith Little Theater in Marquette High school.

I like famous because it talks about how just smiling at someone could improve their day, and I like the rhyming style of Amor Mondi, tenth grader Becca Yates said. I think just trying it is a good idea, because I had never done it before, and I tried it and its something I really like now.

The students are judged based on accuracy while reciting their poem, and dramatic appropriateness. The judges are made up of community members in the English field. Yates said an assigned poem in English class inspired her to give today a try.