MARQUETTE — The Delft Bistro, formerly known as the Delft Theatre, in downtown Marquette is getting closer and closer to opening its doors to the public.

A public hearing was held earlier this evening at the Marquette City Commission Meeting for the consideration of a liquor license for the restaurant. The commissioners voted to approve administrative authority to sign the documentation that would grant the license.

Owners Tom Vear and Jen Ray are just waiting on the final documentation from the Liquor Control Commission, or the LCC. The commissioners collectively agreed on the benefits it will have for the community.

“The Delft Theater is an icon in Marquette and it’s been around for years. I went there as a child to watch movies. I took a tour of it a few weeks ago, it’s quite impressive and certainly an asset to the downtown area,” said City Manager, Mike Angeli. “It should be an attraction for anybody in the area, whether they live here or are visiting.”

“It’s a great addition, some of us have walked through it as it’s being remodeled, but it will also take that building that was sitting vacant for so many years now and turn it into something beneficial for the city,” said Mayor Pro Tem, Tom Baldini.

Angeli said liquor licenses take quite a few months to process through the LCC and that he foresees no issues with its approval. Both the commission and the owners are anticipating the licensing will happen anytime.