Local students stepped outside the classroom to relieve stress

MARQUETTE — One local school is using a proactive approach to help students with mental stress.

On Wednesday,around 210 students from Ishpeming Middle School spent half of their school day at the Physical Education Instructional Facility. This was the first ever activity day, which is now adopted into the new school improvement plan.

“Our focus is to alleviate some of the mental stress and the issues they might be going through,” Health and P.E. Teacher Ryan Reichel said. “No better opportunity than to get them out, and being active, in a facility like the PEIF at Northern Michigan. The science behind it actually proves that they will be stronger after being physically active in their class period.”

“Yes, this is my first time coming to the PEIF,” fifth grader Tommy Hodge said. “Everybody likes it here. There are lots of opportunities.”

These opportunities include basketball, racquetball, swimming, and even a dance room. Many students were exposed to activities they had never tried. Of course, it wouldn’t be a field trip without a little rivalry.

“Well, the girls they cheap shot us.” Fifth grader Hunter Smith said.

Reichel said this is a proactive approach with hopes the students will stay active and even bring their family on the weekends.