ISPHEMING– With the snow we’ve had so far and with some more possibly on the way, we have some tips to pass along that will make sure your family is safe from a gas leak this winter.

Make sure you keep both your gas meter and vents are clear of ice and snow. Keeping your exhaust vents clear of ice and snow can help keep CO2 out of your house. If snow or ice clogs your exhaust vent, it can cause CO2 to backup into your furnace and enter your home.

Clearing your gas meter with your hands or a hand brush keeps pressure off it and makes it more visible. Additionally use care when shoving or snow–blowing near the meter, because hitting it can cause a gas leak.

Brain Manthey, Spokesperson for WE Energies said, “What often will happen is people are plowing, either with a snowplow or even with a snow–blower; they may come in contact or hit that meter and that can cause a gas leak. We’ve also seen times were people are actually plowing their driveway with a snowplow, they can sheer gas meter right off. So it can be anything from a slight leak, which could be dangerous to something as very dangerous actually sheering off the meters.”

If you suspect you may have hit or damaged your gas meter, call your utility company just to be safe.