Sen. Peters talks Trump transition

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Gary Peters announced Monday that the U.S. Senate approved the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act. This legislation would help small to medium sized businesses in the manufacturing industry.

In just over a month, Senator Peters and other members of the U.S. Senate as well as the House will be dealing with a new president, Donald Trump. The republicans have control of both the house and senate.

We asked Senator Peters about what he first expects to happen when President-Elect Trump is in office.

“First order of business will be a number of nominations and so we’re looking forward to having that nomination process go forward,” said Peters. There are a number of candidates, some that I have concerns about, but we have to go through the process to have an opportunity to ask questions and hear those answers. I think it’s important not just for the members of senate who will be voting on these candidates, but it’s really important for the American people to have an understanding of who these new appointees are and where they’re coming from.”

Peters and the rest of the senate passed legislation over the weekend to send $170 million in assistance to the City of Flint to assist in repairing lead ravaged water lines.