Citizens address board concerning the removal of one specific municipality

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — A number of concerned citizens involved with municipalities in Marquette County voiced their concerns Wednesday night to the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority Board of Trustees about their decision to remove Marquette County as a ‘constituent municipality.’

About two years ago, the board wanted to remove Marquette County as a constituent municipality, or member, because the county, according to The Authority’s Intergovernmental Agreement, is not considered to be a municipality. After consulting with the county, the board voted in April to remove Marquette County from that very agreement.

Members of the 22 municipalities in the county shared their concerns with the board about how they came to that decision, which was done without a vote from the municipalities.

“I don’t personally understand why they need to be in there. They have no responsibilities, they have no financial responsibilities, they have no statue of responsibilities whatsoever. They have no authority over the Solid Waste Authority,” said Randall Yelle, chairperson of the board.

“The county is signatory to that agreement and the agreement itself requires that a change to the agreement be done by the constituent municipalities by a vote, not by the board,” said Darlene Walch, Sands Township Supervisor.

The board did not move to vote tonight on whether or not they will rescind the decision they made in April. Back in 1988, the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority was created to make decisions that deal with the waste disposal needs of residents of Marquette County.