MARQUETTE — The winter season brings along ideal sledding, skiing, and sometimes even the perfect snowmen building conditions, but with all the fun activities comes more responsibility on the road.

According to the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, accidents occur more frequently at the start of the winter season.
But by being mindful of upcoming severe weather and hazardous road conditions, motorists can prevent accidents.

“Slow down, slow down is the biggest thing. That’s the largest contributing factor to crashes,” Captain David Lemire said. “Some people say it’s the weather conditions but people just need to slow down. Because whether it’s snow covered or icy if you slow down you can at least prepare yourself and you might see a crash site a distance away. But you need to slow down.”

Another key component to staying safe on the road is knowing proper accident etiquette.

“Most crash scenes are either going to have a detour or they’re going to reroute traffic on the same road, maybe onto the shoulder, things like that,” Lemire said. “So they need to pay attention. They need to pay attention to their driving and not stare at what’s happening with the crash scene itself.”

If you arrive at the scene of an accident before officials, be cautious of your safety first and foremost. Stopping directly at a crash site can cause congestion and secondary accidents.

Checking your tires can also prevent accidents from unfavorable weather conditions.