Honor Flight extended to Vietnam Vets

HERMANSVILLE– Veterans who served during the Vietnam War are now eligible to come on the Honor Flights to Washington D.C.

The President of Honor Flight U.P. announced today that anyone who served up until May 1st of 1975 is eligible to participate on an honor flight. It was also announced today that if you served state side or in non–combat roles you are now also eligible to participate as well.

Those who go on the Honor Flights will be taken to memorials that honor veterans of the Second World War, the Korean War and the Vietnam War so that all veterans in attendance can visit a memorial that is dedicated to a war they took part in.

“Most of these veterans have not seen these memorials that have been built in their honor so it’s great to bring them out there so that they can see the memorial that has been built in their honor,” said President Scott Knauf, “but it is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for what they did for the freedoms we enjoy today.”

“To look at the wall, because I have a lot of people that served with me that are on that.” said Vietnam Veteran Dennis Peterson.

Veterans of the Vietnam War say they wear black jackets to signify that they often feel like “black sheep” and not treated as other veterans. However on this Honor Flight they are requesting lighter colored jackets because they now feel treated properly.
The next Honor Fight will be on May Seventeenth of next year.

To apply to attend an Honor Flight, you can find their website here.

If you like to help make the Honor Flight, go to their FaceBook page here.