MARQUETTE — With Veterans Day coming up this week, a generous donation was made by a man who wanted to make sure Veterans could be comfortable while stationed in a wheelchair.

The Jacobetti Home for Veterans had a visit from someone who has been looking for ways to help out the Veterans in a special way for quite some time. The President and Owner of Range Telecommunications in Marquette created a special kind of wheelchair that gives veterans more mobility and comfort than typical wheelchairs.

“Well the wheelchairs, they’re a new type of wheelchair and the old style was pretty rigid and a lot of discomfort for the people using them. This style is rocking chair also so they are made with creature comforts built into them and they are the latest technology,” said President/Owner, Range Telecommunications of Marquette David Savolainen.

After spending four years in the coast guard himself, David felt truly honored to help out fellow Veterans.

“When you take a walk through the facility and take a look at the Veterans here, it’s really quite humbling. I mean these are our real heroes here and we consider it a privilege that we were able to make the donation,” said Savolainen.

A total of twenty wheelchairs were given to the Jacobetti Home along with a $30,000 donation.