MARQUETTE — Since 1988, thousands of people have gathered at the corner of South Front and West Washington in Downtown Marquette on New Year’s Eve for the ball drop.

As it stands right now, this year’s ball drop is up in the air. J.P. Electric, who has helped coordinate and setup the ball drop from the top of the Savings Bank Building for nearly 30 years, will not be taking part in this year’s event.

With just over two months until New Year’s Eve, the Marquette Downtown Development Authority is looking for help to keep the tradition alive.

“The community has been I think very fortunate that we have had property owners and an electrician who has stepped up for almost 30 years to create this event for the community,” said Mona Lang of the Marquette Downtown Development Authority. “We will be working in the next two weeks to look at if we have other options, other alternatives,” she added.

The Marquette DDA is not in charge of the ball drop. They secure the street closing permits and promote the event. If you’d like to help put on this year’s ball drop, contact the DDA.