MARQUETTE — After a long and successful career in Marquette, restaurateurs Jackie and Patrick Gonda are retiring.

That means that Coco’s – a popular restaurant on Lakeshore Boulevard – will be closing its doors after October 30th, but business will be ending on a high note.

“We’ve been in the business almost twenty years, and that’s a long time,” said Gonda. “We’ve had a very successful run, and we’re very happy with the way things are ending, and it was time. It was time. It was time just to retire, take it easy, just relax for a little while.”

Everyone is invited to come in, enjoy their favorite meal, and bid the place farewell.

“Definitely come in and say your last goodbyes and have your last pesto panini or whatever your favorite food is. We’ll be here with smiles on and hugs for everyone,” Gonda added. “I want to thank everyone in the community for all they’ve done for us throughout the years, and I hope that the community appreciated what we’ve done for them.”

Gonda says they won’t be starting any new ventures, but will instead enjoy their time off. For those feeling entrepreneurial, the Coco’s location is for sale.