MARQUETTE — An open house was held tonight for Marquette High School’s only competitive robotics organization, Team Cold Logic.

This group works on a variety of skills from graphic design and 3D printing to learning professionalism in the work place. The open house was held tonight to inform students and families about the organization and allowed them to ask any questions.
There are a lot of different factors that go in to Team Cold Logic, but the main intent of the program is to inspire students in STEM related fields.

“We do a lot of community outreach in preparation just to get our names out there and for fundraising and then we have a build season where we actually build the robots based on what the challenges for the year. Every year they give us a challenge and we have to build a robot to complete it and work with other robots,” said Marquette Senior High School Junior, Thayer Yates.

Although robot building is a large part of the organization, there is something for students of all interests.

“It exposed you to all kinds of different things, there’s public relations aspects, there is business aspects, and then just the building of the robot and the programming,” said Yates.

High School students who are interested in robotics from all across Marquette County are invited to join the organization.